Day 3, Monday 14 July 2014 (first notes here, Saturday here , Sunday here)

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Aircraft arrived at Clamback and Hennessy's hangar at Tower Road, Bankstown at 2.12 pm.

The Australia Post mail was carried by the Aero 145 from Mittagong and the Jabiru piloted by Owen Zupp carried the re-enactment mail. 

The airmail was taken by a 1905 Delange car from Clamback and Hennessy's to the Australian Aviation Museum and then into the Powerhouse Museum by more modern French cars and delivered by Sydney's Republican Guard to the Bastille Day reception.

Postcards and mail picked up en route will be posted from Sydney on this Friday 18 July, the exact anniversary of Guillaux' arrival in Sydney.


Tom Lockley email guillauxcentenary@gmail.com 


Departing Goulburn after another wonderful stop. People from the Celebrate Goulburn group in period costume, mayor and representatives from Goulburn Public School (formerly Bourke Street).

The mail is being taken by Gazelle light aircraft to Mittagong where Owen Zupp, Jabiru pilot, will arrange handover of Australia Post mail to the Aero 145. I, Tom Lockley am flying in VH-XOL direct to Bankstown eta 1300. The Aero will be delayed beyond 1330 hours ETA. I have time to answer emails or Skype type chat Cadigal27 might also work. 


Take-off from Harden delayed, heavy ice on aircraft from overnight frost - local fire brigade assisting the removal


 There is no fog at Harden and take-off should be about 0915. ETA Goulburn from 1015 approx.